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History, present and beyond

History & Current status

Talken has come a long way to become the leading multi-chain decentralized NFT platform.
Talken has integrated a variety of Web3 apps such as Binance Smart Chain, and Klaytn, and has been integrating mainnets into its Multi-chain NFT Wallet, with focus on the mainnets which are greatly expanding their user base. In addition, the company launched NFT Mint API v1.0 and launched NFT Marketplace at the end of 2021.
In January 2022, Talken launched its first ever NFT mint and sale. This was done in collaboration with Beatbox to World Live 2021 (BTWL21).
The NFT market is still an early market, and is still difficult to access for new users because users need to acquire immense amount of knowledge such as blockchain, wallet, and virtual assets. Therefore, it is Talken's goal to continuously provide users with improved usability and functionally advanced NFT-related services.
In the future, Talken will continue to further integrate with mainnets such as No-EVM-affiliated Tron and Flow, and launch the NFT secondary marketplace that enables P2P transactions between users. After that, we will expand our partnership with various NFT creators to secure high-quality NFT content and expand Talken's user base.
Please see below for roadmap:
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