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How to create Mnemonic-based wallet

Mnemonic based wallet creation guide
Please follow the guide below to create a mnemonic-based wallet.

1. Download the Talken app from the app store or google play.

2. Wallet main page

After logging in to the app, click the “wallet” icon at the bottom right of the wallet page of the app main. You can create a wallet right away by clicking on it.

3. Start wallet creation

1) Please click [Create a new Wallet]
2) Please enter the PIN number twice including confirmation when approving the use of the wallet.
(* The pin number is a must-have number for wallet use, so please set it as a number that only you can remember without being exposed to others!)
After PIN registration, you can choose whether to use biometric authentication(fingerprint, faceID, etc.).
3) Mnemonic is used for wallet recovery.
Select whether to use the biometric authentication and then, press the OK button to create a mnemonic. Make sure to write down the generated mnemonic and keep it safe. After taking note, please check the warning situation regarding wallet creation accurately, and then press the confirmation button.
(*The seed phrase is randomly created when you create a wallet and is provided only to you, so there is no way to recover your account if you lose the seed phrase, so please make sure to write it down on paper and keep it.)
Select the seed phrases in the correct order and press OK button.

4. Wallet creation completed

When the Mnemonic-based wallet creation is complete, the “wallet” icon at the bottom right of the wallet page will disappear.
Press the "OK" button to complete wallet creation.
Congratulations, you can now use the multi-chain NFT wallet on the Talken app.