About Talken

Web3 Wallet & NFT Suite - Talken Wallet, Drops, Market, Studio, and etc..

What is Talken

Talken is a Web3 Wallet & NFT suite that provides services such as Wallet, Drops, Market and Studio.

Talken's NFT services provide a convenient interface for the end user.

NFT creators and users such as K-Pop stars, artists, and influencers can easily and conveniently experience the entire process of issuance, collection, and storage lifecycle of NFT at Talken.

Talken's mission is to provide NFT services that anyone can easily and safely access and enjoy that requires no prior coding knowledge.

Talken Wallet

  • It is a multi-chain NFT Wallet that can manage NFTs of various mainnets such as Ethereum and Solana on one screen and enables real-time browsing.

Talken Market

  • NFT Launchpad, where you can easily purchase the latest collection of NFT with cryptocurrency and in-app purchases.

  • NFT Marketplace that allows trading between users (C2C NFT Market)

Talken Studio

  • A powerful NFT minting tool that even beginner NFT creators can easily launch NFTs

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