TALK Tokenomics (TALKenomics)


The TALK token is Talken's governance and utility token.

TALK tokens can be used in Talken's existing services and all new services that are launched.


TALK Token is the governance token for Talken.

Talken users can use TALK tokens to participate in governance activities such as posting opinions and voting about Talken.


Talken users can use TALK, a utility token, in Talken's services, Talken Studio and Talken Drops.

  • Talken Studio: Talken Studio is a powerful NFT authoring tool that allows even NFT creators who are not familiar with blockchain to easily issue NFTs. NFT creators such as artists, influencers and brands can use TALK tokens when issuing their digital art as NFTs in Talken Studio.

  • Talken Drops: Talken Drops is an NFT Launchpad where you can easily purchase the latest collections from NFT creators with cryptocurrency or in-app purchases. Talken users can use TALK to collect NFT collections of their choice in Talken Drops.

Talken users can easily and conveniently store and manage TALK tokens used for governance and utility using Talken Wallet.

Talken Wallet is a multi-chain NFT wallet that supports more than 13 blockchain mainnets, including Ethereum, Klaytn and Solana.

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