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Talken Wallet

Q.1 How do I deposit my assets into a Talken wallet?

  1. Select the asset to deposit from the wallet list under "Tokens" on the app's main page.

  2. Click the "Deposit" button to create a deposit address.

  3. Enter the generated deposit address into the external wallet and deposit it through "withdrawal" or "transfer".

Q2. How do I withdraw my assets from a Talken wallet?

  1. Click "Tokens" on the main page of the app and select the assets to withdraw from the wallet list.

  2. Enter withdrawal address and quantity to send and click the "send" button.

  3. After confirming the request for approval of wallet use, enter and sign the PIN.

Q.3 What token is used as a transaction fee for wallet deposit/withdrawal?

The token on the mainnet will be used as a fee when the asset is deposited/withdraw.

Q.4 How do I change my mainnet network when I use Web3 Browser?

  1. Click the "Compass" icon on the main page of the app and run the Web3 Browser.

  2. Launch the Web3 Browser and click on the "globe" icon in the upper right corner.

  3. Select the mainnet network you want to use.

Q5. What is the 'Auto import tokens' and ‘Select Network’ feature?

1. When the 'Auto import tokens' feature is enabled, tokens from the supported mainnet that support custom token addition are held in the wallet will be automatically listed on the wallet UI.

2. Through the 'Select Network' feature, users can view a list of tokens for each network on the UI.

Q6. How can I change my active wallet within the Talken mobile app?

1. Click the '∨' icon next to 'ABC Wallet' or 'Talken Wallet' on the top left of the app's main page.

2. Select the wallet you want to use from 'Wallet Select'.

Please refer to 3-(3) in the guide below for more information. [user Guide] How to Create ABC Wallet https://docs.talken.io/talken-docs/how-to-guides/how-to-create-abc-wallet

Talken Drops

Q1. How can I buy nft?

1. Install the mobile app AOS : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.talken.wallet iOS : https://apps.apple.com/app/talken/id1459475831 2. Proceed to membership registration ->[User Guide] Talken Mobile App Membership registration Guide https://docs.talken.io/talken-docs/how-to-guides/how-to-sign-up-for-mobile-app 3. Buy NFTs on the Talken Drops -> [User Guide] Talken Drops User Guide https://docs.talken.io/talken-docs/how-to-guides/how-to-use-nft-marketplace

Q2. Why did NFT purchase fail?

When purchasing NFTs, if you click the back button or close the app before the purchase completion popup appears, the purchase may fail.

Therefore, please be sure to complete the purchase process before closing the app.

Q3. What chain is Talken's NFT issued on?

It is an NFT Launchpad that supports multi-chain. (Currently, only Klaytn is supported.)

ABC Wallet

Q1. I lost OTP.

  1. You can reset your OTP using the OTP reset code (10 digits) provided during the initial signup process. This can be done in the ABC Wallet dedicated app by navigating to "Menu" > "Reconfigure OTP."

  2. If you have lost your OTP reset code, you can retrieve it by following the OTP reset code retrieval process. Once you have obtained the OTP reset code, you can proceed to reset your OTP in the ABC Wallet dedicated app by going to "Menu" > "Reconfigure OTP." Please refer to the ABC Wallet FAQ below for more information. [Guide] ABC Wallet FAQ https://api.id.myabcwallet.com/query/faq?language=2&service=4

Q2. What is OTP Reset code?

“OTP Reset Code” enable you to re-register ABC Wallet account on Google OTP App when you are not able to find OTP by any reason such as losing your device where OTP is stored in, or deleting OTP App(Google OTP for Android, Google Authenticator for iOS). Please refer to the ABC Wallet FAQ below for more information. [Guide] ABC Wallet FAQ https://api.id.myabcwallet.com/query/faq?language=2&service=4

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