Talken Market

NFT Marketplace where NFT creators' latest collections can be easily purchased with cryptocurrency and in-app payments, and where NFT trading between users are possible.

With in-app payment support, even beginners without cryptocurrency can easily participate in NFT Launchpad and purchase NFT with credit cards, bank accounts, and simple payments registered with Google and Apple.

Talken Market supports general or mystery box sales types for the primary NFT sale, and Free Drop is also available for NFT creators' marketing.

User-to-user trading (C2C) support fixed price and auction sales methods, allowing users to freely trade the NFTs they own.


Smart Contract and NFT standard for each mainnet for NFT trading

- Ethereum : ERC721, ERC1155

- Solana

- Polygon

- BNB Smart Chain

- Klaytn : KIP17, KIP37

- Avalanche

- HECO(Huobi ECO Chain)

Collaboration in progress

- Dokdoverse - Nuritopia - Eternal Editions


- L's World

- BTWL21 Club

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