How to use Talken Market

Talken Market is NFT Launchpad, where you can easily purchase the latest collection of NFT with cryptocurrency and in-app purchases.

Talken Market are available on the Talken mobile app, PC and mobile web, and support a variety of purchase methods.

▷ Talken Market :

Please follow the guide below for how to use Talken Market.

(*The screenshots inserted in this user guide are examples for better understanding and are different from the actual product information.)

1. Register your wallet

To purchase NFTs or receive airdrops from Talken Drops, You must fistly log into Talken Drops with your SNS account and register a cryptocurrency wallet.

(1) Log in to SNS account after entering Talken Drops

Click the second 'parachute' icon at the bottom right.

Click Log In/Sign Up on the top right corner and log in with your SNS account.

(Existing Talken users can use it without additional sign up)

(2) Register your wallet after entering My Profile

Click the More info menu (≡) in the top right corner of → Click ‘My Profile’

Click ‘Add Wallet’ in ‘Wallet Address’

Select ‘Talken Wallet’ → Click 'CONFIRM' button of ‘Sign Request’.

Wallet registration has been completed with the above procedure.

2. Guide to entering the NFT purchase or airdrop participation page

After wallet registration is complete, follow the path below to purchase NFTs or proceed with airdrops.

(1) Enter the NFT purchase page

After entering Talken drops, log in to SNS account.

After that, you can purchase the NFT of the creator you want by clicking the banner of the Featured Collectibles you want to purchase at the top or the Featured Creator at the bottom.

(2) Enter Free Drops

If an airdrop is in progress, you can receive a free NFT airdrop by clicking Free Drops at the bottom.

3. How to purchase after selecting nft

If you have selected an NFT to purchase, you can purchase it through various payment methods such as in-app payment (mobile only) and cryptocurrency payment (PC only).

(Example - Purchasing through in-app purchase)

(1) After selecting NFT, connect the wallet

Click NFT to buy -> Click ‘CONNECT WALLET’ -> Select ‘Talken Wallet’

(2) Purchase NFT

Check the purchase price once again and click ‘BUY NOW’ at the bottom.

On the 'How would you like to pay' page, select ‘App Store’ -> click ‘BUY NOW’.

(3) One-click purchase via in-app purchase

After clicking ‘Purchase’ at the bottom, wait until the Payment Complete pop-up is confirmed.

The above process has completed the process of purchasing NFTs from Talken Drops.

This concludes the guide on using Talken Drops.

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