L's World

Creator - LARGE

LARGE is the artist’s nickname when he was a child. A name given to him because his eyes were so big has now become an ID in a digital world of 0s and 1s. “L’s World” is an expression of desires—not those of artist Taehyup Kim in the offline world, but those of LARGE in the digital world.

Creator's Site - https://www.instagram.com/large.world_official/


  • L's World Part_1

    • Mr. E Mr. E: A face of desires deterred. Resembling an elephant’s face, it exudes deterred desires through its trunk. The erupting desires congeal like mucus on the melting flesh.

    • Invader G Invader G: A character with a jagged personality. G handles bombs, blowing up things that he doesn’t like. He uses bombs as a medium to destroy the existing world and escape reality, experiencing feelings of liberation as a result.

    • F.o.S (Fairy of Select) F.o.S (Fairy of Select): Decisions always lead to other decisions and force us to make additional choices. Born out of a single decision, these fairies smile as they await the birth of another decision. They sprout like fruits from within the branches of choice. The fairies are constantly replicating.

    • Dog Fight Willson: A strange and malicious dog. There’s a pizza here. It isn’t divided up equally, which causes fights. Willson is constantly fighting, not just for the pizza but for anything it wants to possess.

  • L's World Part_2

    • Fly Bob Fly Bob: This being has wings and a bizarre face shaped like a round egg. Bob is constantly moving its wings so that its fragile face does not hit the ground. But because of the barbell in its hands, it struggles to hover in the same spot. Everything would be fine if it could let go of the barbell that is holding it back, but Bob simply holds on to the barbell and continues flapping.

    • F.o.Q (Fairy of Questions) F.o.Q (Fairy of Questions): The F.o.Q poses questions to L. “What do you truly desire?” Q is constantly causing problems for L’s desires, which are forever changing.

    • Item

      Item: Oftentimes, we find ourselves looking at stars in the night sky and wishing that we could be what we want to be or have what we want to have. The items in “L’s World” tumble down from stars up in the punctured sky. The desires that L harbors become items within the stars in a night sky full of holes. As he dons the different items, he changes the way he appears or makes use of the power within the items.

    • Big Boy Big Boy: Big Boy lives according to the wishes of others rather than his own wishes, living a life where he is helplessly led about. And he blows things up. Existing as a weapon, Big Boy dreams of freedom.

    • L’s World (Special mint)

      L’s World: “L’s World” is an expression of desires — not those of artist Taehyup Kim in the offline world, but those of LARGE in the digital world.

NFT Airdrops

  • Golden Key Golden Key: Used to lock a mouth up tight, the golden key enables L to escape this world. Where is the exit, and where is the keyhole to insert the key? He has found a key, but he cannot use it. The keyhole that he cannot find anywhere exists on his own forehead. In a world without mirrors, L begins to wander around looking for the keyhole.

  • Jack’s Family Jack’s Family: The members of Jack’s family are embedded in the ground, where they guard their territory. They have been performing their job for 38 years now, stopping all sorts of nasty and filthy things from happening. But their territory is under a growing threat from Invader G.

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