How to create external mnemonic-based wallet registration

Wallet registration guide using external mnemonic

Please follow the guide below to register your Talken wallet using the external mnemonic.

1. download the Talken app from the app store or google play.

2. Wallet main page

After logging into the app, click on the floating button with a '+' shape at the bottom right corner of the main page of the app, and then click on 'New wallet'. Afterwards, you can create a wallet using an external mnemonic.

3. Wallet registration begins (Example-Metamask)

1) Please click [Import existing wallet].

2) Please click [Mnemonic Phrase].

You can use either the mnemonic phrase created by the Talken Wallet, or the mnemonic phrase created in an external wallet.

3) Please enter the PIN number twice including confirmation when approving the use of the wallet.

(* The pin number is a must-have number for wallet use, so please set it as a number that only you can remember without being exposed to others!)

After PIN registration, you can choose whether to use biometric device (fingerprint, faceID, etc.).

4) Mnemonic entry of wallet to register

Enter the mnemonic of other wallets in order to proceed with "Import Wallet". After that, please check the alert status regarding wallet creation accurately, and then press the OK button.

Please re-enter the mnemonic registered above in order and press the OK button.

*Mnemonic consists of 12, 15, 18, 21, or 24 words and cannot be registered if it does not fit this format.

*Registration is not possible unless you spell the seed phrase correctly.

4. Wallet registration completed

This completes the wallet registration using an external Mnemonic.

Now that the registration is complete, you can see the balance of Ethereum in your Talken's Ethereum wallet, which was previously in your metamask.

Your Talken wallet registration using the mnemonic issued from another wallet has been completed through this process.

You can now use the Talken wallet on the Talken app.

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