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How to Create ABC Wallet

Talken has collaborated with AhnLab Blockchain Company to integrate ABC Wallet into Talken Wallet. With this integration, Talken users can now choose to use their existing Talken Wallet or ABC Wallet directly within the Talken app.
Talken users can access their ABC Wallet by logging into the mobile app with their social media account and agreeing to the wallet creation process.
(Supported in app versions 1.01.04 and higher)
What is ABC Wallet?
ABC Wallet is a Web3 wallet that prevents key hacking and loss by applying Secure MPC technology and provides a key recovery function based on user authentication so that users can reliably trade digital assets.
Please refer to the following for how to create a wallet for ABC Wallet.
(*If you are currently using an existing Talken wallet, please update the app to the latest version and follow the guide below to create an ABC Wallet.)

1. Download the Talken app from the app store or google play

2. App main page

(1) Click the ‘+’ icon and click the ‘New wallet’ icon
After logging in to the app, click the ‘+’ icon at the bottom right of the main page of the app, then click the ‘New wallet’ icon.
(2) Create ABC Wallet with SNS account
You can create an ABC Wallet with the SNS account currently logged in to the Talken app.
Click 'Create ABC Wallet with Google' to start the wallet creation process.

3. Start creating your wallet

(1) Agree to the terms of use and sign up for ABC Wallet
Click 'Agree to all terms of use' and then click the [Create ABC Wallet] button. Do not leave the loading screen until the registration is complete.
(2) Activate ABC Wallet
Click the [Active ABC Wallet] button at the top and register Google OTP to activate your wallet.
(When using ABC Wallet for deposits/withdrawals, Google OTP is required for authentication. After completing 2-step authentication in Google OTP, ABC Wallet will be activated.)
If you don't already have a Google OTP, click the install button in the middle of the screen to install it.
Copy the 'Google OTP authentication key' and enter it in the Google OTP app.
Then enter the 'authentication code of ABC Wallet' generated by Google OTP in the Talken app and click 'Next'.
Be sure to write down the ‘Google OTP Authentication Setup Key’ on a piece of paper and keep it safely.
(If you lose the OTP without the corresponding ‘Google OTP Authentication Setup Key’, you cannot proceed with the transaction, so be sure to write it down on a piece of paper and keep it safely.)
(3) ABC Wallet creation complete and wallet address confirmation
Once you have agreed to the terms of use and activated your wallet, the [Active ABC Wallet] button at the top will disappear, indicating that the ABC Wallet has been created.
You can now deposit/withdraw assets using the ABC Wallet, and Google OTP will be used as the 2nd authentication method for deposits/withdrawals.
You can check the address of the currently active wallet(ABC Wallet) by clicking the gear icon on the top right.
(*If you have already created a Talken Wallet, you can click the '>' icon on the right side of the ABC Wallet address section in the screenshot below to directly select and use your existing Talken Wallet or ABC Wallet within the Talken app.)
*ABC Wallet is a wallet with MPC technology and does not have a Mnemonic. *If you have already been issued a wallet address after signing up with ABC Wallet, you can import your existing wallet by clicking 'Create ABC Wallet' instead of 'Import existing wallet' in the Talken app.
This concludes the ABC Wallet creation guide.