How to Create ABC Wallet

Talken has collaborated with AhnLab Blockchain Company to integrate ABC Wallet into Talken Wallet. With this integration, Talken users can now choose to use their existing Talken Wallet or ABC Wallet directly within the Talken app.

Talken users can access their ABC Wallet by logging into the mobile app with their social media account and agreeing to the wallet creation process.

(Supported in app versions 1.01.04 and higher)

What is ABC Wallet?

ABC Wallet is a Web3 wallet that prevents key hacking and loss by applying Secure MPC technology and provides a key recovery function based on user authentication so that users can reliably trade digital assets. (*ABC Wallet is a wallet with MPC technology and does not have a Mnemonic.)

Please refer to the following for how to create a wallet for ABC Wallet.

(*If you are currently using an existing Talken wallet, please update the app to the latest version and follow the guide below to create an ABC Wallet.)

1. Download the Talken app from the app store or google play

*For detailed instructions on how to sign up after downloading the app, please refer to the link below.

1-1. Download the Google OTP app from the app store or google play

*Google OTP is a required app for wallet activation after installing ABC Wallet.

2. App main page

(1) Click the ‘3DOT Menu'(...) icon at the bottom right

After logging into the app, click the icon shaped like '...' at the bottom right of the app's main page.

(2) Click 'Activate ABC Wallet'

In the 'Information and Settings' page, click on 'Activate ABC Wallet' under 'Wallet'.

The wallet activation process will commence after clicking.

3. Start activating your ABC wallet

(1) Register PIN

Enter a 6-digit number to be used for wallet approval, including a verification process.

*The PIN is essential for wallet usage. Please set a number that is not exposed to others and can be remembered only by you!

After registering the PIN, you can choose whether to use biometric authentication (fingerprint, faceID, etc.).

(2) Activate ABC Wallet after ‘Accept Terms of Service’

Click 'I agree to All terms and conditions,' then click the 'Confirm' button.

Select the SNS account currently logged into the Talken app for 'Authentication with Account'.

(Example - Activate ABC Wallet with a Google account)

Do not leave the loading screen until you progress to the next screen.

(3) Activate Google OTP

If you don't have an existing Google OTP, click the install button in the middle of the screen to install it.

Copy the 'Google OTP Authentication Key' and enter it in the Google OTP app.

After entering the 'Authentication Code of ABC Wallet' of the generated Google OTP into the Talken app, click 'Next.'

* The 'Google OTP Authentication Key,' consisting of a 10-digit number displayed on the next page, is crucial for recovery in case of OTP loss. Please be sure to write it down on paper and store it securely.

ABC Wallet activation is complete. Click the 'Complete' button.

4. 'ABC Wallet Activation' Complete and Confirm Wallet Address

Upon completing the wallet activation after agreeing to the terms of use, 'ABC Wallet Activation' is complete, and you can check the address in the 'Information and Settings' page.

Now you can deposit and withdraw assets with ABC Wallet, and Google OTP will be used as the 2nd authentication method for transactions.

If you have already created a Talken Wallet, you can select and use your existing Talken Wallet or ABC Wallet directly from the Talken app using the methods below.

*How to select a wallet

a. Click the '∨' icon next to 'ABC Wallet' on the top left of the app's main page -> Select the wallet you want to use from 'Wallet Select'.

b. Click the gear on the top right of the app's main page -> Under 'AWallet' in 'Information & Settings', click the '>' icon to the right of the wallet address -> Select the wallet you want to use from 'Wallet Select'.

This concludes the ABC Wallet creation guide.

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