How to recover mobile wallet

Guide to recovery a Talken Mobile App Wallet

Welcome back to Talken wallet, if you have deleted your app or changed your device, please follow the steps below to recover your wallet.

1. Download Talken from app store or google play

iOS users: App store

Android users: Google store

2. Wallet main page

Please click the floating button with a '+' shape on the main page of the app, and then click on 'New wallet'.

3. Wallet Recovery Process

3-1. Wallet recovery based on mnemonic phrases

1) Please click [Import existing wallet].

2) Please click [Mnemonic Phrase].

You can use either the mnemonic phrase created by the Talken Wallet, or the mnemonic phrase created by an external wallet.

(If you want to recover a wallet created with an existing recovery document, please refer to 3-2.)

3) Enter your register PIN and confirm it.

(*Tip:The PIN is a necessary number for wallet use, so please set it as a private number and never show it to anyone else!)

After PIN registration, you can choose whether to use biometric device (fingerprint, faceID, etc.).

4) Mnemonic is used for wallet recovery.

Enter exactly the 12 seed phrases you backed up for the wallet you want to restore(the Mnemonic phrase created in the Talken wallet or external wallet) and click the 'Confirm' button.

After importing wallet, please check the warning situation regarding wallet creation accurately, and then click the 'confirm' button.

(*The seed phrase is randomly created when you create a wallet and is provided only to you, so there is no way to recover your account if you lose the seed phrase, so please make sure to write it down on paper and keep it.)

Select the seed phrases in the correct order and press OK button.

3-2. Wallet recovery through Talken recovery document

1) Please click [Talken recovery document].

You can proceed with the wallet recovery process by using the existing recovery document.

(*You must log in to the Talken account that created the wallet with the recovery document to see the [Talken recovery document] button.)

2) Scan your wallet recovery code

After PIN registration and whether or not biometric device selection , scan the wallet recovery code at the top of the wallet recovery document.

(It is attached to the verification email you received when you were creating your wallet.

3) Enter your wallet recovery password

If you enter the password correctly, the wallet recovery is successful, and if you click [ENTER], you can use the wallet normally again.

(10-32 digits including English,numbers and special characters)

4. Wallet recovery completed

This completes the wallet recovery using Mnemonic phrases.

The wallet recovery is completed through the above process, and after completion, you can use the Talken wallet in the Talken app.

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