Talken Intro
Multi-chain decentralized NFT wallet with the largest community

What is Talken

Talken is a multi-chain decentralized NFT wallet support by the one of the largest Korean communities. It is the preferred option for K-Pop celebrities, KOL, artists and influencers to mint, auction, store, and trade NFTs.

Korea’s first multi-chain NFT Suite

Talken is Korea’s first multi-chain decentralized NFT wallet with the largest community (4.5 million users). It is a seamlessly interoperable multi-chain NFT Suite, where K-pop stars, artists, and influencers can mint, auction, store, and trade NFTs.
TALKEN NFT Suite offers a suite of products for every stage of lifecycle of NFTs:
  • NFT Wallet: Social media log-in (Facebook, Kakao, Apple) enabled ultra-convenient and secure wallet for seamless NFT and crypto trading
  • NFT Marketplace: Single point for users to trade NFTs across comprehensive list of external NFT Market places(OpenSea, Rarible, NFT Hero) and native NFT marketplace.
  • Simple NFT Minting Tool: Celebrities and artists can mint ultra-rare NFTs, white-glove service provided, with no technical knowledge required from artists

Talken’s Advantage

  • Seamless Multi-Chain NFT Wallet - Seamlessly interoperable multi-chain NFT wallet & infrastructure, an open NFT ecosystem where K-pop stars and influencers can mint, auction, store, and trade NFTs. - Open NFT ecosystem bridging untapped NFT enthusiasts of Korea to Talken’s native NFT and other famous NFT protocols such as NFT Hero, NBA TopShot, Rarible, OpenSea, etc.
  • Exclusive/Revolutionary Korean NFT suite - Korea NFT monopoly. Talken is the first NFT wallet from Korea. Projected exponential growth in user base, minted NFTs, customizable NFTs and transaction volume - Exclusive partnerships with K-pop stars and other NDA’d celebrities and influencers to join hands with Talken
  • Largest community driven (4.5 million users) - Total users: 4.5 million (native and across partners) . 3 Million user engagement on forums . Projected 1 Million users by December 2021 . 600 K downloads of CoinManager
  • Decentralized - Consensus mechanism for both governance and operations - Utilize TALK throughout platform for premium features - NFT Auctions and trades on-chain smart contract
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