Talken Docs

How to use Web3 Apps

Please follow the guide below for how to use Web3 Apps.
(Example: Klayswap)

1. Enter Web3 Apps from the App main page

Click the "compass" icon at the third bottom of the app, or click the ">" sign at the right end of Hot Web3 Apps in the middle of the app.

2. Select KLAYswap from Hot Web3 Apps in the middle of the Web3 Apps page

Click KLAYswap in Hot Web3 Apps in the middle of the app to access KLAYswap through Web3 Browser.

3. Using KLAYswap through the Web3 Browser through the linkage of the Talken Wallet address.

1) Click [Start KLAYSwap] -> Click [Connect Metamask Wallet]
2) Use the KLAYswap service after checking whether the wallet is connected in the settings.
After the wallet connection is confirmed, you can use services such as swap and full deposit/withdrawal of KLAYswap through the Klaytn series of token in Talken Wallet.
In other Web3 Apps, you can use various services such as DeFi, NFT, and Game after connecting Talken Wallet in the same way as above. ​
In the above, we have explained how to use Talken's Web3 Apps and how to use the Web3 app through the linkage of Talken wallet addresses using KLAYswap as an example.