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How to use NFT Marketplace

How to use NFT Marketplace
Please follow the guide below on how to buy NFTs on Talken NFT Marketplace.

1. Enter the Marketplace from the app main page

You can enter the Marketplace by clicking the "NFT Marketplace" icon at the second bottom of the app.

2. Buy NFT on NFT Marketplace or participate in AirDrop

You can purchase NFTs or participate in airdrops on the NFT Marketplace.
At the top, click the banner of the "Featured Collectibles" you want to purchase, then click the NFT you want to purchase, or you can purchase or airdrop NFTs by clicking "NFT AirDrop" at the bottom.

3. Select the NFT to purchase and make a payment.

After selecting NFT, you can purchase with one click through in-app payment.
Purchased NFTs can be checked in the Marketplace Wallet of the NFT Wallet.
This concludes the introduction of Talken NFT Marketplace.