How to recovery mobile wallet
Guide to recovery a Talken Mobile App Wallet
Welcome back to Talken wallet, if you have deleted your app or changed your device, please follow the steps below to recovery your wallet.
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    Download Talken from app store
iOS users: App store
‎Talken Multi-chain NFT Wallet
App Store
Android users: Google store
Talken - Multi-chain NFT Wallet & Marketplace - Apps on Google Play
2. Enter the wallet page
After you open the app and log in it, you can access your wallet through two routes.
The one is a wallet icon that you can check at the top of the application and the other one is a wallet tab that you can check on the menu.
You click them to recovery your wallet.
3. Start to recovery your wallet
1) When you access your wallet, click [ wallet recovery required] please.
2) Click [wallet recovery]
3) Enter your register PIN and confirm it.
(*Tip:The PIN is a necessary number for wallet use, so please set it as a private number and never show it to anyone else!)
4) After PIN registration, you can choose whether to use biometric device (fingerprint, faceID, etc.).
4. Scan your wallet recovery code which is on the top of the wallet recovery document. (It is attached to the verification email you received when you were creating your wallet)
5.Please enter the your recovery password which you set when you were creating your wallet.(10-32 digits including English,numbers and special characters)
6.After enter the correct password, the wallet recovery will be successful, you can re-use your wallet normally after you click [confirm]
7. After completing all the steps above, if you see [Recovery check required] again, just repeat the step 4&5, then you will back to use your wallet !
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