How to make mobile wallet
Guide to Creating a Talken Mobile App Wallet
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    download the Talken app from the app store
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2. Enter wallet page
After you open the app and log in, you can access your wallet through two routes.
It's a wallet icon that you can check at the top of the application and a wallet tab that you can check on the menu.
You can create a wallet right away if you click on it.
3. Start creating wallets
1) Please click [Personal Wallet]!
2) Please enter the PIN number twice including confirmation when approving the use of the wallet. (* The pin number is a must-have number for wallet use, so please set it as a number that only you can remember without being exposed to others!)
After PIN registration, you can choose whether to use biometric device (fingerprint, faceID, etc.).
3) The recovery password is used to recover the wallet. Make sure to set a password that you can remember without being exposed to others. If you press OK, wallet generation will proceed. It may take some time.
4) Please check the recovery PDF document attached to the verification email. Recovery documents are not backed up separately to the server, so please keep them safe! Please enter the six digits of the Verify Code shown at the top of the recovery document.
If you press the check mark that you have read the precautions in your wallet, the OK button will be activated.
If you do this, the wallet creation will be completed! You can start to use your wallet on the app.
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